When you go for an interview for an engineer job, what do you think it is of prime importance?

  • technical knowledge?
  • presentation?
  • previous experience?

Yes it all counts. But I must say, work attitude is the king of all.

Wearing a tie / suit is not a must, especially during hot summer time in Hong Kong. But I would expect at least you buttoned up and keep your lovely chest (for man) within yor shirt. Wearing bracelets and having spiky hair… well, unless we are looking for some gangster style engineer or normally it leaves a bad impression for the interviewer.

Work attitude is king. In an interview, it is a chance for the interviewer and the interviewee to talk face-to-face and see if the job suits the applicant and vice versa. Eye contact is very important, and please look at the person you are talking to. Do NOT play with your pen, your fingers and stringing around on the chair.  Do not be too proud and talk about ‘management’ and criticize others if you are fresh from university.

Others can be learned and trained. But if the work attitude is bad, it seems to the interviewer that the interviewee is hard to train and work with. So next time you go for an interview, remind yourself that work attitude is king.