Wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year


Wish everybody a happy new year 2011.

Surely we are getting older every year, so treasure time, do meaningful stuff, contribute and spread the goodness.

May you grow strong every day in 2011.

Time for new year resolution again. How many goals have you achieved this year? This is one of the very big question that I am asking myself each year around this time. Every time I wished I have asked myself a bit earlier so I could have time make things up. You?

Have not blog for some time during summer. Summer is busy, and it is also hard to have time sit in front of the computer to blog. But now we can slowly catch up.

Technology has made all these possible
Now we can blog on the go. Thanks to technology improvement, we are so “attached” to the Internet even when we are on the bus on the train or even on the flight. So it empowers us to say a few words to you all whenever we squeeze some time during we are on the ride or the like.

But still, can only say a few words
through technology do enable me to blog on the go, consider me using only iPhone but nog an iPad, I can merely type a few words before my fingers get too tired.

Merry Christmas to everyone. Also wish you all a happy new year 2011.

There has been heated discussions that took place recently among us, on whether should and how to protect the title “Engineer”. Is that just BS or we really need it, please read through and probably comment on this particular blog article if appropriate.

As someone working in the engineering field overseas, how do members from Hong Kong, especially Young Members of IMechE, view on this issue? Please comment actively.

Wanted to force myself to learn ChangJie Input Method. I used to use Cantonese Input on my computer but it’s really really slow, as there are so many words with the same sound.

Cantonese Input method is great, but it does not comes with Microsoft Windows, meaning that I am unable to type Chinese when I am away from my own computer. And ChangJie and Quick Input Method are come together with Windows, so I reckon I should learn it.

But eventually I discovered I cannot recall who to write that character, so never mind ChangJie or Quick… And even I know that character, typing in Quick / ChangJie is real~~~~~ly slow for me.

So I reckon I will retreat back to Cantonese Input Method in no time.

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