The Speak Out for Engineering presentation competition is organised annually by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ Volunteer Network. It was originally established in 1964 to challenge young engineers to prove that they could ‘communicate effectively’, which is still an important area for today’s developing engineers. In 1977 Her Majesty gave permission for the competition to be known as ‘The Queen’s Silver Jubilee Competition’ (QSJ). The Competition has been adapted over the course of time to allow for greater participation, but the original theme of ‘communicating effectively’ still remains the emphasis of the competition and in 2004 changed its name to ‘Speak Out for Engineering” Presentation Competition (QSJ).

The Hong Kong branch has been organizing this event since 2004, one of the first branches in Asia. The SOFE 2011 is going to be held tomorrow. It will be held in from 2pm at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Room CD309.

This event is open to public and everyone is welcomed to come. If you would like to know more about interesting knowledge of engineering, how can you miss this event?