One of the ideas that come up with my mind when I am blogging in this place – am I allowed to use the “funky” words, e.g. those F words, or talk rough in general? This become a burden to talk nicely and look professional in this place, but sometimes you feel you have an emotion that there’s something you want to voice out, and honestly you want it to be conversational, just like talking to a friend. But hey, I need to restrain myself. Recently I talked to a Young one and we had a little interesting conversation.

Why do Young people want to talk rough?
Because life is complicated enough. And we are young, and so many things in this world, that we felt, is not treating us fair (how many things in life is fair anyway). Sometimes we want to let it out, daringly, to say to don’t give a sh*t of the rules that bound us to the ground, regulations that limit our imagination.

Are you listening?
If the F words would get your attention, to listen to young people, and take them seriously, then we’re forced to use it. Why our young people has always been look down, why we are labelled to be a bunch of useless? or stereotype to a bunch of geeks? Because we are doing it differently? Why don’t you listen?

Don’t pretend you know us
Yeah you are doing things FOR us, you said you would value us, listen to us, treat us like the pillars of the next generation, but have you ever asked what WE REALLY WANTS? Don’t say you do stuff for us but we never satisfied / interested / being active! That’s because those are the stuff we’re not interested in. Why pretend you know a big deal of us, why don’t you ask? You cannot mold us into YOU, you cannot take it for granted. Life’s different, sirs.

Make us happy, talk like we do
If you truly believes we ARE the future, then let us have it our own way. Do we fear of losing? NO! Can we deal with failure? Yes! We want to make it our own way, if we failed, we learned. We do not want to be spoon-fed, we do not want to walk the boring road that has been walked. We believe there may be better ways to do things, more effective and yet efficiency, would you let us try?

The above is a recent conversation between me and an junior. Young People think different to their seniors. We might think we worked hard to pave an easy route for them, but we forgot a young heart need to explore, to find real happiness through conquer challenges that we face. We shouldn’t take away the fun, so let those young people spread their wings. No matter what that means.