Google Buzz in GMail

今天如常的check 我的 Google Mail, 乖乖不得了,多了一樣叫 Google Buzz 的東東。

好,就試他一下。等了半天,沒人用。Seems like my pals are so “anti-social”… 怎麼闋掉它呢?

如何關掉Google Buzz
So there’s a link 不太顯眼 at the bottom of GMail interface. So I found it, Click 「Turn off buzz」Link, wala, I am free.

How to Turn Google Buzz Off

Why do we want a new social media service in our e-mail system.

Having enough distractions
I am lucky that none of my friends seems actively using it. So I decided to turn it off. My second thought is that we are living in a world that is “information overflowed” 資訊泛濫! So really do not need so much distraction on top of tons of e-mails flooding in every day.

For those who like this kind of application, they’ve already joined Twitter anyway. Why bother? I guess GMail users just turn the buzz off, maybe, after 30 minutes of test drive.