Green Building is a hot topic around the world and a number of sustainable assessment schemes were developed to promote green building assessment. For example, there are:
a) HKBEAM (Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method)
b) BREEM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method)
c) Green Mark Scheme
d) LEED (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

In China, many people are talking about LEED… What is it? It is a green rating method for green building/ development, one of the famous assessment schemes for sustainable buildings/development. Different natures of buildings/ developments like new construction, existing building, commercial interior, core & shell building, neighborhood development, etc can be covered in the schemes.

For me, I am running a project for LEED CS (Core & Shell). LEED CS assessment scheme is commonly used for commercial project like shopping centre and office. LEED CS is a green building rating system for designers, builders, developers and new building owners who want to address sustainable design for new core and shell construction. Various areas like a) Sustainable Site, b) Water Efficiency, c) Energy and Atmosphere, d) Material Resources, e) Indoor Environmental Quality, f) Innovative Design need to be assessed in different stage of the assessment programme.

If you are interested in it, you can go to USGBC webpage to take a look.


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