We had our monthly YMS Meeting yesterday, and it is our pleasure to
have the representatives from our upcoming HKU Student Chapter joining

The new chairman of HKU Student Chapter is Kelvin, succeeding Ben.

Seeing both of them coming to YMS Meeting, it’s good to see we are
having a smooth transition of leadership from one to another. Ben also
said he’s going to stay in the YMS even though he is going to step down
from his chairmanship of HKU Student Chapter. So next session we still
have Ben with us and we just grow stronger and stronger.

Thinking back

I’ve to admit that when I myself was a student, I wasn’t active at
all. I joined IMechE, but I rarely taking part in their activities. As
a student, I just got too many stuff to take care of, and just too busy to go to IMechE activities.

When I graduated, my colleague brought me to YMS Meeting. I found my
playground. People here are so nice, and I found I could do much more
for my profession, and for other engineers. We Young Engineers, at YMS,
can have our say and have our own right to shape our future. It was
just a wonderful experience that you could not find it elsewhere.

They are lucky

So when I see Kelvin and Ben, I admired them of realizing the
importance of joining IMechE and do stuff for our counterparts. They
have the chances to serve, and along the way, to learn and improve. We
will be way mature than their mates in terms of planning, organizing,
motivating, and controlling their activities held. This experience is
not acquirable from lectures or from books. I would say they are such a
bunch of lucky people.

In my opinion, lessons from the societies are so much more complex
and through the way you learn so much more. I would recommend young
engineering  students to join IMechE with no reservation.  This is of
their own good.