Yesterday we went to Daya Bay to have a visit to the nearest Nuclear Power Station to Hong Kong. The aim was to promote the understanding of IMechE members on the issues related to nuclear power generation and the status of nuclear power in Guangdong. It went on well.

Deposit guarantees turn up rate

40 seats were available for our members. More than 80 people enrolled and would like to attend the visit. It was a bad thing to us that our members are prone to have this “turning up” problems. Well, I have to admit that this really troubles us. Since this time we are having a really precious chance and this is also a cross-border activity, we have adopted a HK$100 deposit strategy hoping to improve the turn up rate of members. And it works.

Only 5% of participants did not turn up, and they all called before the visit saying they are not attending. That’s much more better.

Here we start blogging again

I didn’t blog here much. I thought English is not our mother-tongue and English passages would be a real yawners for most of us in Hong Kong. So I blog on the Chinese one more often. Just like the Daya Bay visit, I’ve disclosed that on our Chinese blog quite a while ago, while I didn’t mentioned here.

My tuition was wrong.

During the Daya Bay visit one member come to me and said he noticed that we have a blog, and I said which one, and he said he reads this one. And he didn’t even noticed that we had a Chinese one. Well, then maybe I should blog here more often.