Hey, here comes the new year.

What’s your new year resolution?

My new year resolution is hoping that our IMechE HK YMS will continue to grow. Our activities will become the preferred choice of engineers in Hong Kong.

Networking and self-promotion is very important and we need to rise our profile a little bit more this year. Online presence is important as new people are so used to looking up things on the Internet. We must not lose this popularity war.

I googled ‘IMechE’

I do this because I knew our fellow organizations already do.
I do this because I knew our prospective members already do.
I do this because I knew nearly all interested people already do.

I googled IMechE on the web, our YouTube Video followed the HQ page.  So our web presence is not too bad after all.

We’ve done quite a bit in 2007. Now I think it’s worth the effort