Do you ever feeling regret of being an engineer? sometimes i ask myself.

“Not a single moment!” and that would be a lie.

Sometimes when we see high earning individuals, all those finance wiz kids and highflyers in their smart suits, we have that little doubt. Why can’t I be one of them. Have I chosen the wrong path.

When we see medical doctors in their white gown, and we just wonder, how come we are both professionals, and yet engineers are so underpaid.

Well, but then I consider myself. Am I bold enough to face the challenge of raving stock market – one day you may be in your suit but maybe the next day you’re left with nothing? I know many bankers are having endless sleepless night and they *need* to retire in their early 30s.

Earnings, is just not everything. Sometimes being an engineer, the greatest thing is to make the world a little bit better.