Our Towngas visits went very successful.

We have 2 separate visits (too much good response from members!) on 6th and 13th October, and they are both full. Responses from members were overwhelming.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to:
Jenny, who has help us so much in taking care of the visit enrollment and back-end support;
Andy, for also taking care of the enrollment, touring the 6th Oct visit, booking the coach for both event days, contacting and making arrangement with Towngas;
Zack, for touring the 13th Oct visit, and arranging the logistics work.
Wilson, for promoting this event to his fellow student chapters, and helping out on the 13th Oct visit.

Photos of this visit has been uploaded onto our web album:

We are having another visit for Lamma Wind Turbine on 3rd Nov. Hilda will be taking care of this visit, and interested person please sign up on web when enrollment become available.

Our activities this year are all very successful. Even week day visit like to Visit to Standards and Calibration Lab has a certain amount of supporters. All these successful events would not work without the hard work and support from all YMS Committee Members. So I am very touched and feel proud of all YMS Committee Members who has made this year another wonderful year of success.

Of course, the successes were all rely on supports by members, and I also thank our members for loving our activities so much.

So, really, thank you all for making YMS great.