Moon Cake

Moon Cake

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, the weather in Hong Kong is getting cooler gradually and there are big temperature differences between day and night.

Tomorrow 25th September 2007, would be the 15th day of the 8th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. Chinese people celebrates this festival at night, families get together and have meals together, and have mooncakes, childs play lantern together. With all this night time activities, we are not worried about work the next day because we have a public holiday the next day on 26th Sept.

So by 28 September 2007 this Friday, it would be time to hand in another entry report to the YM: possible. Everyone of us has been working very hard in the past 3 months. We have done quite a bit of visits, seminars, had a symposium, and others. Lawrence and Dicky are helping me preparing the report. Thanks everyone for working so hard.

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