Still remember the earthquake in Taiwan at the end of 2006 damaging 6 sub-sea Asian optic fiber cables, making the communications of Hong Kong all messed up? So the Internet connections in those days were slower than 56K, or sometimes simply, NONE.

10 months later, I was wondering, what will happen if the Internet goes down? Would we be more productive, or not?

I am thinking, now people are more relied on the Internet (compared to 2006) as their normal working routine, if they were allowed to. We are now so used to the huge storage provided by either GMail, Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail. No internet connection, if it was a complete go-down like the one back in 2006, that’s mean we have no company / internal mail neither. We people in Hong Kong are so used to look up maps on Centamap. We do our research on Google, Yahoo. Sometimes we look up things in Wikipedia. So what will happen?

If it’s not for work, how about our private activities like blogging, uploading photos on a photo album, reading news, or listening to music and watching YouTube?

One day if the Internet goes down, I guess I will treasure the moment, which e-mails would not come, no MSN messages, no Facebook, nothing. Then I can really relax, and consider doing something else. ’cause I know, the Internet won’t go down for long, many people can’t survive with the go-down.

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