I’ve know quite a few new people from other institutions since I joined the Young Member Section of IMechE.

Invitation from IET

Received invitations from IET HK that their Young Member Section would be having their Annual General Meeting (AGM) this Friday, togeter with a Technical Seminar on Management in China. Sounds interesting. Actually I forgot how I knew their YMS Chairman Henry Yuen, but I definitely got his card. One tip I learned from one of my senior is to mark where you meet that person at the corner on their name card, so you wouldn’t forget about how you met them. Really regret not following this tip.

In fact I’m more close with their external affairs coordinator Joe Wan. We met and work together when we were organizing the Trust Fund Concert (which is better known as the Caring Engineers’ Concert, but we call it the ‘Trust Fund’ Concert internally.) The concert was a success, and I have previously wrote about.

E-mail that was forgotten

I received their invitation through e-mail a couple of days ago. But I am busy at work and I totally forgot. Justina, their internal affairs coordinator called this afternoon, and followed up the matter. And I just go ‘Ah~’ that I realized I saw something like that in my Inbox a while ago. Really sorry about that.

Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is a new institution formed in spring 2006 by the coming together of the prestigious IEE (the Institution of Electrical Engineers) and IIE (the Institution of Incorporated Engineers). With the change of the name, they are now the only professional body which accepts both engineering and IT students to be their members.

Somebody helping me?

Really want to go to their AGM as really got loads of friends there. Unfortunately I would be busy on Friday, and need somebody to go on IMechE HK YMS’s behalf. Not going is simply not an option as they are really our friends.

We will have our IMechE monthly YMS meeting tomorrow, and we will find someone to go (a must!).

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