First of all, thanks chillycraps for linking to my post Happiness for a Lifetime. Then I saw he’s talking about Business Cards. Well then I thought, that’s some what very important little thing that we always treat that as a norm, and never notice that.

But when it comes to Etiquette, do we actually doing it right?

Etiquette of Business Cards in Western World

So I would skip those the layout and other “uncontrollable” factors that we cannot have a say on, presume it’s a business card from the card. They have all those formal template and one is not expected to violate the golden design, no matter how it looks.

According to my own experience, handing out and exchanging business cards are quite informal and has no strict form of exchanging in Europe or the US. People get pull it out from the front pocket of the shirt and hand it to you. (Well, you need to make sure your card is there). Some people just put their own cards underneath a pile of collected name cards. Some got crosses and corrections on cards (maybe for the seek of environmental friendly), and that’s the way they are. Business cards to them are just convenient form of capturing essential personal details.

Business card represents the owner’s pride in Japan

In Japan, Business cards represents the owner’s pride. They would expect one to treat others’ business cards with respect and honour.

Business Card Etiquette in China

In my own experience, Chinese do it the way somewhat between the Western people and Japanese. Although some people treat exchanging cards very casually, to play safe it is best to do it formally.

Three advices:

  • The business card do somewhat represent the person and the company who giving it out, so it should be given respect.
  • Give and receive cards with both hands, with the characters facing up and the person you are giving to, so he/she can view your name with ease. Hold the card corners between thumb and forefinger, so not to cover any details printed on it.
  • After you got the card, take a few moments reading it, even if it printed in languages from outer space. Do not put it away yet, put it on the table so you can always remind yourself the name of the person you are talking to.

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