It was a very sad news. I was shocked when I knew that Prof. Leung passed away on 6 Sept 07. I could not believe it. He was our honorary speaker of “Sun Tzu’s Art of War” just three months ago, and he looked healthy at that time.


Actually I heard about Prof. Leung even before I went to PolyU in 1992 (yes, that was 15 years ago). I heard of him from my uncle. My uncle was a glasses salesman in late 80s/early 90s and Prof. Leung was one of his customers. My uncle mentioned that Prof. Leung invited him to his home to listen to his Hi-fi. At that time, Prof. Leung was a very well-known and senior person already. He was president of HKIE and department head of Mechanical Engineering in PolyU (he subsequently became dean of engineering faculty and then VP of PolyU later). So, my first impression of Prof. Leung is kind. He must be a kind person. Otherwise, he would not invite a glasses salesman to his home.

Prof. Leung was also a sponsor of my charter. Being such a senior person, he still spent time to give me a lot of advices patiently. It helped especially on my writing skills. I really thank him so much.

Prof. Leung is a very respected person and mechanical engineer. I think he should be a model of many mechanical engineers. Good bye and you will always on my mind.