I have never ever thought of writing a blog before. I did not believe I will blog myself. I write my first blog for IMechE, and also for our YMS chairman Ricky. I was really impressed by Ricky’s effort to promote IMechE via blogging.

Please excuse me that I use English to blog. It is not because my English is good. But I really feel difficult to type Chinese. I recall that my last Chinese writing was for the preparation of IMechE/HKIE technical visit to Xian last year. I wrote a few invitation letters to companies and organizations in Xian. Guess how did I ‘type’ Chinese? I used an online English-Chinese dictionary to find out the Chinese characters, and then copy and paste them to the letters. Being a Chinese, that was too bad.

Actually I really want to learn putonghua pronunciation, not just because I think that is the best computer input method for Chinese characters, but also because I can learn to pronounce and speak putonghua more accurately. Let’s see…