A successful event starts with a great idea. If it’s not great, it can’t be successful, at least most of the times.

Believing the idea is great

Before materializing the idea, you have to convince at least yourself it’s a great idea. If you cannot convince yourself the idea is good, then it’s very unlikely that you can convince other people. Before you sell the idea, make sure you’re 100% believe in it, and has a faith next to stubborn. If the idea is good, it can stand challenges from all side.

Do a little survey
Go talk to your family, your friends, or someone you know, or anyone on the road. Ask their views about your idea. If there’s nobody around, brainstorm what will their answers be. Do a little survey on how people view your idea. Even it is very good, you should always keep an open mind to prepare adjusting your plan and description to cater other people’s view. After all, the target audience of the event is most likely to be someone like them.

Talk to someone from the top
Whether an event successful or not depends greatly on the audience, what they usually like and what you dislike. It’s a mind game. Ask someone from the top, whose usually more experience, about their view on such idea. If support is gained from them, then the event stands a better chance to be successful.

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