How make a successful event? Organizing a event requires devotion of time, financial commitment, understanding the audience and hopefully getting some great sense of self-actualization at the end, sound interesting and yet challenging, eh?

Wilson from HKUST Student Chapter has asked me to give a talk on how to organize a successful event. Well, interesting enough. I doubt whether I am truly qualified for this but yes, hey, I’ve got some tips to share.

First thing first
Be warned that organizing a successful event may (and usually) involve relatively large amount of time and also involve some costs. As IMechE is a non-profit making organization, which means we are not paid to do this, making sure the helpers and committee have fun organizing the event is of a prime importance.

9 Steps to successful events
Ok, so i formulate my own experience into 7 steps to take to organize successful events:

  1. So what’s the big idea?
  2. Ask why the event is going to be hot?
  3. Who’s on the event organizing team?
  4. Plan the event, in details
  5. Promotion and publicity
  6. Getting it right on the event day
  7. Getting feedbacks
  8. Say thank-you
  9. What coming next?

So it’s quite a long story and there’s of course many ways in achieving. The above is just a list that re-map my own bits and piece of experience over the years. Some of the experience has been internalized and I really believe strategy and tactics keeps on changing as the outside environment (i.e. the people and their culture and attitude) keeps on changing.

There’s really no better way to learn than getting truly involved.