Although we seemed to have quite a bit of time before our term ends, Franky, our vice-chairman of IMechE HK YMS, has already suggested me to take note of “succession planning”.

We in YMS are all of volunteers. Engineers are all busy. Some of us have to work cross-border into Mainland China. Some of us have to do further study. Retaining people is already hard enough, let alone Succession Planning.

I believe we are having a strong cabinet this year, and we are doing very well. But one day I will surely move on, and may no longer available. So, yes, we must do some sucession planning. There’s a need to consider succession planing to ensure there is a continuity (better if it’s an “improvement”) of experience and provision for young engineers in Hong Kong.

In fact I have already sort listed some potential candidate in my mind. Some candidates come to meetings and functions on a regular basis, some just come on an occasional basis, and some came every now and then but just for a limited period of time. Another thing I am worried is that those candidate would have switched jobs and might moved on another post.

The most worrying problem is that the candidate may leave YMS and essentially taking the knowledge and experience of YMS with them. I guess it would also help if we can have a place to store past documents and also start sharing experience widely across the committee. Also from now on we must take consideration into knowledge transfer and also developing our fellow Committee Members.

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