So I talked about competitions yesterday, and thought competition isn’t all that bad, really, or not?

Competitors? Allies?
So if we are both trying to do the same thing, targeting on the same market, wouldn’t it be bad? But who said there’s a static market out there? In fact, I guess through more people doing the same thing, we are, on one hand, competing memberships, but on the other hand we are rising our profile, hand-in-hand, and might arouse the interest of general public, which lead to market expansion! and once people are interested, they would demand more information. We are actually creating a buzz and hot topic in the society.

Possible Partnership?
Let’s face it, no institution can dominate the market these days – at least not 100%. This year we IMechE HK YMS had been working with ICE HK and held a Green Symposium two weeks ago in mid August. So it proves even competitors can be partners.

Actually we are all engineers. Instead of hostile competitions against each others we should better utilize resources, share information, and in such a way in return we become more powerful, work with higher efficiency and better effectiveness.

So really it is not that bad at all, I reckon.

Be a big brother
So the vision of IMechE HK YMS is to lead the young members in the mechanical engineering profession in Hong Kong. Being a big brother, we have to be generous to all. Through working together we increased our exposure, and then people sees us and our logo at our “competitor’s”. So slowly we build up credibility within the industry, but it takes time, i know.

Competition could be risky. But if you really think about it, we all serve the same purpose and for the best of our members, so working together seems to be a good way to achieve results.

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