The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) is having a series of articles in the Industry Focus Column of the South China Morning Post’s Classified Post. On 25 August 2007 the Mechanical Division of HKIE wrote an article Graduates able to ‘pick and choose jobs’.

Sometimes we have to get real that we face fierce competitions from other institutions.

“Will you feel threatened when they are promoting their Institution and having the same kind of interest and same group of audience as you?” someone might ask.

That’s interesting and it can be viewed in a number of ways.

Well, to be completely honest, “Yes, I do feel a bit threatened”.

I guess it is somewhat natural. IF a member is going to join only one institution, which one will they pick? Will they pick the IMechE Hong Kong Branch? The more institutions are on the same profession, the harder it is to dominate the number of members.

Competition can be used in good ways
There’s nothing compared to an institution trying to raise a high profile as WE are trying do. Unlike our friends in UK, we are not a monopoly in this market. Their activeness has shook us and will probably wakes our YMS Committee Members up, and try harder in providing better products and services to our members.

So competition is not that bad after all, eh?