Tomorrow night we will be having a technical seminar “Energy Efficient System Design – Select the right Cooling Tower and AHU” at 7pm in Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

We are having a full-house tomorrow, with over 60 people enrolled on the seminar. Surprise, surprise.

“It’s just suprising that so many of our members are interested in such topic.” I told our YMS vice-chairman Franky Shum.
“Well, of course, it’s August” Franky replied.
“Does this got anything to do with hot summer?” I am confused.
“The Graduate Engineers!”
“So… ?” I am even more confused.
“Well, they just graduated and entered the workforce, some of them entered consultancy firm and work on projects with air conditioning systems, and it is a perfect chance for them to learn something that would really influence their job.” Franky said, “and that their supervisors would also encourage them to join such a useful seminar.”
“Oh, I see”, I finally realised.

Sometimes I think our members would be interested in knowledge that could not be acquired in their jobs. But seems I missed an important part. Seminars could be very useful and attractive, if they provide a quick-fix solution to our fellow members. Um… I am glad I learned some experience today and will provide better service to our members in the future.

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