Today I went to a really great event – Green Engineering Symposium “Is Hong Kong building green?”. The symposium is really informative and useful, and the speakers are really experts in this field. It’s just worth every penny.

Words of thanks
Really need to thanks Hoyce and Andy, for inviting the speakers, Eunice for helping out being our lovely master of ceremony, as well as Franky and Ping for helping out. Of course we have to thank Dr CW Tso for coming despite his really packed schedule on the day. The girls from our Joint Office did give us a lot of support, and I really appreciate their sincere help. We also have to thank the brothers and sisters from ICE for everything.

What’s in the symposium?
There were talks on the role of engineers in sustainable development, on urban heat island, on slope design, on Green Building Label, on adoption of renewable energy technologies in building, and on Green roof. They were all really interesting.

My favourite speech
“Green Roof and Sustainable Buildings in Hong Kong” by Dr Sam Hui is my favourite speech of all. I like both the style of the presentation as well as the speech. Dr. Hui had a remote microphone attached next to his face, so he’s free from hiding behind the podium. He’s speaking directly to the audience, he’s humorous, energetic about his speech. His presentation has lots of pictures most of the time. He even brought sample of green roof to the stage. So audience were all attracted by his speech, although that was the last piece of presentation of the day. I was really impressed.

Dr. Sam Hui’s presentation is full of pictorial illustration. Audience really like that.