I tried to contact a few friends of mine, asked them to come and look at this blog, and give me some feedbacks. Most of them came, looked, read, and then gone. Very little (only one) of them actually leaves me comments…

Apathy kills

Apathy, which means lack of interest or concern, actually softly killing and eating up our next generation of young engineers, or simply and generally, young people.

Why do they scare of leaving comments? Or actually they do not bother?

Reflection on reality

In real life, it is also hard to find devoted and committed young people to join as Committee Members in the YMS. Either people are too busy and they just went submerged half way.

How to improve

Really, I want to improve the situation. I wish more people can get involved in our work. There’s one of the reason I started this blog. We are all approachable persons and please join us.

I just wish if you are reading this post, why don’t you take one step forward, and write me some feedback. I’m interested to hear the suggestions and experiences of others in comments below.

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