I use Google Reader to keep tracking blogs that I read and keeping up with my favourite websites. It’s quite a handy tool and as it constantly checks my favourite subscriptions for me and I make sure I won’t miss a thing.

Tonight when I sign in the Google Reader, I was notified that the photos from Caring Engineers’ Concert was uploaded onto our IMechE photo gallery.

They are just like pop stars

Look at 'em. They're just like pop stars

Look at them, they are just like pop stars

So I quickly looked through the pics, and I can’t help flipping back and forth the album. The photos are so nice that they are just like photos of pop idols on magazines. I just wish someone can shoot me just like this. Of course, this is all because we have our wonderful photographer Ray doing all this for us. Really amazing.

Are you going Green?

This Saturday we IMechE YMS is joining force with ICE Young Members and having a Green Engineering Symposium “Is Hong Kong building green?”. This symposium is really informative and I would recommend to every young member to join.

For details please visit Shape a Green Future– Design, Construction and Renovation website for more details and arrangement.

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