Went to the Orientation Camp by HKUST Engineering Student Union (ESU). Feeling really exhausted. Anyway thanks Wilson, Tim and Ping for helping out during promotion.

Tim, Ping and I at HKUST ESU O'camp

Tim, Ping and I at HKUST ESU O camp

What the industry expect engineers of

Towards the end of the promotion, facing all those innocent faces who would become our engineering co-workers, I just could not help but to warn them of the competition that we will be facing after they graduated. So competing directly with our mainland counterparts, what should we do to stay competitive?

Be international

Being an engineer nowadays requires broad eye-sight on everything happening throughout the globe. Hong Kong engineers must make good use of information and knowledge, and become truly international, in order to maintain the leading edge


I believe employers would like staff who are proactive and take lead to do things, whether he/she is a engineer or not. That’s why I always encourage people to join YMS and take part in various events. Being an event organiser who learn many soft skills that can only be obtained through real event-organizing activities.


Communication skill is very important to an engineer. We have “Speak Out for Engineering” event every year, which is a very good chance for engineers to tune up their skills.

Joining IMechE will give you chances to train yourself in various areas, so young people should really join in and volunteer.