I woke up 7.30 in the morning, just to get into HKUST for the promotion.

Wilson has already spending the night with the freshers, and looked exhausted. The freshers arrived in the common room after their breakfast, and then we started our promotion.

More than being a member

I introduced IMechE to them. I also tell them about our structure and goals, and their benefits of joining. They hurried filling in the forms after I told them it’s a free membership. But is that good enough?

Another goal of this promotion is also looking for enthusiastic persons to join the HKUST Student Chapter.

“Who would like to volunteer to be helper in HKUST SC?” I asked.

There were long silence before a single hand finally raised. It is not surprised to me as I knew they were somewhat “moulded” in such a lay-back style under the current spoon-feeding education system. But I am not giving up. I continued to explain that this year we’ll give more support and training to Committee Members in the Student Chapters, so as to organise some successful events. Then I asked again.

This time around 10 hands raised up in the sky. Well, that’s more like it.

Ricky Kan and HKUST MESA chairman Chiu

Wilson (IMechE HKUST SC) and Chiu (HKUST MESA)

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