The promo in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) on Friday night was canceled due to adverse weather. Now the promo is re-schedule in tomorrow morning (It’s a Sunday, man). Before I get to HKUST, I need to do some background research. The First Rule of making a presentation / making people buy in your idea / making people like you / getting people joining your institution / doing a promo: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!

What do I expect

According to Wikipedia (sometimes I feel I am such a trendy guy):

In 2005, the School of Engineering (SENG) ranked No.20 in the World’s Top 100 Universities in Engineering & IT league table. The rankings were published by The Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) in December and HKUST was the only Hong Kong institution ranked in the top 50.

The detailed story can also be found inside Genesis, the HKUST newsletter.

Wow, so tomorrow I know I am seeing some bright and smart young chaps, so I must better prepare myself.

The market share

Since the waive of membership fee on students from Mechanical Engineering degree course by the 3 universities, according to Wilson from the HKUST student chapter, we are the biggest engineering student body in HKUST. We out-numbered other engineering bodies such as ASME, ASHRAE, CIBSE and even HKIE in terms of membership number.

So, what are we selling?

The students would be having a through-the-night fever since this will be their last night in the orientation camp. Wilson has made a very good suggestion that we will bring ice-creams to them tomorrow morning. So they can have some cool snacks while listening to me. I am confident that our membership number is guaranteed due to the free student membership policy. I want to have one step further that I wish the students would be proactive and become Committee Members inside our IMechE HKUST Student Chapter.

Benefits that we bring

Being a Committee Member in the Student Chapter, they could gain experience that could not possibly be gained through attending lectures. HKUST Student Chapter is our newest Student Chapter, and I discuss with Wilson of my plan.

After the start of term I wish to hold a helpers brief, aiming to provide guidelines to students on how to organize successful events. They’ll know that they would never walk alone and we would be always by their side. Then we would also hold some seminars and workshops aiming to transfer some management and soft skills to them. I believe in training and development, and never expect good event organisers are born and not made.

(photo courtesy from HKUST Genesis)

(photo courtesy from HKUST Genesis)

Right, so here I comes. Good morning, HKUST.

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