The discussion on blogging keeps on going among our committee members. In the afternoon I wrote to our YMS committee members to explain what exactly I wish to accomplish through blogging (some details are amended):

Become the leader

Our IMechE President John Baxter has his President’s Blog. I did saw some blogs on the topic engineering from websites overseas. The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) has a “Electrical Blog” written by electrical engineers (obviously?) inside their periodical HKEngineers. But I guess we are the first Young Member Group inside an institution which actually write a blog.

I want to position us as leader in the field, and one way we can achieve that is via blogging, and become the “thought leader” in our profession, and has a leading edge. I believe we are proactive people, I am having the smartest (if not the best, to be humble) committee members, and I believe we distinct and stand out from the crowd.

Engage the audience

Of course our primary target audience is our young members plus members in Hong Kong. Young people like people with candor and pithiness. Blogs are a fast way to invite discussions, provide tips and insights or receive feedback.So I wish our blog could be light-hearted, and so as our approachable self.

Outside relationship

It is fantastic if we can create a channel where people regularly check what we said. In the past, members are passive, they get notified of our events through e-mails and newsletters. Thanks to the RSS technology, if they subscribe our blog, news from us would be pushed to their feed readers. they know we worked hard.


I know many people want to join us but not knowing the way, or are just too shine, or just with other reasons. What I want from blogging
is that the whole Young Member Section become more transparent and approachable. Also if we successfully create ourself as “thought leader”, we attract attention. Readers will read and discuss what we said. Maybe,one day they will get involved and become our committee member.

Test ideas

In the past we do not get feedbacks from members until an event is done. Blog is informal. So we can inform audience what we will be doing next, and they can comment. If we publish an idea and great interest is aroused, we know that it must be good, and vice versa.

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