It has been raining for a while in Hong Kong this week.

Tropical cyclone Pabuk

Tropical cyclone Pabuk

Under the influence of tropical cyclone Pabuk, the standby signal No. 1 was issued by the Hong Kong Observatory this morning. It was raining, but it seems fine and around lunch time I still e-mailed everyone our agenda for tonight. However, towards around 5pm it started raining really heavy. Our YMS vice-chairman Franky called.

“Hey, Ricky, do you think we should cancel the meeting tonight, for the sake of everyone’s safety”.
“Well…” I hesitated. Our committee members are all busy people and I just don’t know whether we could find another venue for meeting towards the end of the month. “So how do we inform everyone that the meeting was canceled? I am worried that people will get there and find no people there.”
“Don’t worry Rick”, Franky said, “Lawrence (our YMS Hon. Secretary) and I will call the intended participants of tonight’s meeting”
“Ok, then let it be”, I replied.

Thus, our meeting for tonight was canceled.

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