Today I asked my YM cabinet to express their views on whether we should blog and how we blog.

Should we really blog?

So far no adverse comments are received. One of the student reps replied that blogging is really a good way to reach our student members. Well, as I haven’t got all responses from my committee, we’ll have a panel meeting tomorrow night to further discuss this. I guess most committee member would agree as long as they are not liable to write.

How should we blog?

I am asking them, do they prefer a community blog that multiple authors on the same blog, or different authors on different blogs. Well, it’s more a technically issue and I guess we’ll further discuss that tomorrow. I guess in this stage it would start off by “Ricky writing a Ricky’s blog with some YMS content”, and they leave comments. Well, I do not mind as long as they really read and give comments.

So, what do you think?

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